7 more top football coaching tips for coaches

Football coaching is great fun but it can be tricky to keep everyone happy at the same time as winning matches. Here are seven valuable tips for all you budding Jose Mourinhos out there.

1. Make it fun

It’s nice to win but it’s not the be all and end all. Kids wants to have fun, and if they’re enjoying themselves they’re more likely to put maximum effort in on match day. Keep everyone happy and the results will surely follow!

2. Get your house in order

Hold a meeting of players, parents and coaches ahead of the new season to set out your goals and to make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them. Your players should not necessarily expect to play on a Saturday if they couldn’t make mid-week training.

3. Paperwork

It’s vitally important that all players get their FA passports and that everyone signs a Code of Conduct. You also need contact details, medical details and DBS clearance.

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4. Keep learning

FA qualifications are a must for UK football coaches but there are also plenty of websites and books on football coaching and tactics. Don’t be afraid to innovate and find out more about FA qualifications.

5. Kit

Team football kits should be kept in tip top condition – look smart, play smart. Cheap and nasty kit won’t be able to withstand a full season, so don’t skimp. Affordable high quality kit can be sourced from online sellers such as kitking.co.uk. Keep spare shin pads and goalie gloves in your kit bag and make sure that the first aid box is properly stocked.

6. Goals

Set the team a realistic goal for the season. Consider whether winning is more important than giving every player equal game time on the pitch. Some coaches choose a ‘first team’ and then use the weaker players as subs, whereas others give equal playing time to all players regardless of ability. Decide how you want to run things and make sure that all parents are made aware of your team ethos.

7. Training

Plan your training sessions thoroughly and keep them varied and interesting to prevent boredom. Try to end every training session with a short match and encourage the players to incorporate what they have learnt during the session.

Good luck!