Ramp up Your Workout Regime

Have you fallen into a rut of spending too much time on the couch? Spring is around the corner and it’s the perfect time to get in shape. Forget restrictive diets, diet supplements and impossible exercises that are wholly unsustainable. Healthy and strong is the new beautiful!  Follow these smart recommendations from the wellness professionals to regain that genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. You’ll be radiating in no time. There are three key components to wellness.  Getting your body moving, making healthy food choices and investing in relationships and the fundamentals of wellness living.

Get off the couch. Commit to walking five days a week for at least thirty minutes. Head out the front door, drive to a park or a gym. It doesn’t matter, just start walking. Within two weeks you’ll have developed a habit. Slowly introduce basic weight lifting two days a week. Using five or ten pound weights, focus on number of repetitions, not amount of weight. Finally, at least twice a week engage in stretching, balancing or yoga movements. This will serve to increase elasticity and elongate your muscles.

Rethink your sugar and sodium intake. Fast food and sodas are the biggest culprits. Excess sugar and sodium can cause mood swings, skin problems, weight gain, bloating and blood pressure problems. This list is actually longer. Just reducing the consumption of sugar and sodium down to healthy levels will make a huge difference in your metabolism. Load up on healthy and lean meats and fish and learn to love an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Go ahead and take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select a fun outfit from the great selection at Ann Taylor. You’ll be surprised at the styles that are now flattering to your body type after a few short months of following this healthy lifestyle regime. Congratulations on your commitment to healthy living!