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All-Nighters Can Easily Take A Toll On Your Health

There’s a certain degree of romance surrounding the concept of the “all-nighter” for young students who have just begun their academic journeys. Much like the “freshman fifteen,” an all-nighter is said to be a normal, if not necessary, part of university life. This is an especially stark reality for students attending elite schools, such as the University of Toronto, McGill University, or even the Harvard Business School. At these institutions, the pressure to succeed and compete with classmates is ever-present and seemingly unavoidable. However, even if you’re taking a full course load each and every semester, there are so many reasons to avoid compromising your health for the sake of handing in mediocre, sporadically written papers or cramming for tests only to forget everything the next day.

Taking care of yourself is integral to one’s success in any field – if we don’t tend to our health, it can easily get in the way of other things down the line. Over-caffeination and sleep deprivation can pose serious problems for bodies, young and old. Whether you’re a mature student or a freshman, chugging a 10pm coffee to stay awake studying isn’t good for you. It’s especially a hazard for anyone who has to perform practical operations during school hours. This is a serious issue for people in nursing programs or those who seek to continue their studies in medical school. Business specialists aren’t in a better position – the demand to constantly be performing and networking also takes a toll on the body. 

But energy and alertness aren’t the only factors. If you’re not in the right headspace to do any useful editing or formatting, or you’re simply strapped for time, you should expect your work to be riddled with errors. As well, if presentation preparation is what your work calls for, you might be too sleepy the next day to perform adequately in front of your class, ultimately risking failure for you and members of your group. 

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