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Here is The Most Innovative Work Out Solution, REPACE

There are tremendous health benefits of running. It can strengthen your muscles, can improve knee and back health, and trigger your immune system to work well and else. It is also very beneficial to your mental health including boosting up your mood immediately. Running includes all the benefits of aerobic exercises and is the best epitome of good exercise. That is why so many people are into running. 

For the running advocates all around the world I want to ask, are you running effectively enough? You can be a group runner who shares running information with friends and has feedbacks or a sole runner that tries to enjoy the feeling to the max on your own. Either way, you might feel you can do better. For those of you who want to improve your running, I introduce REPACE; the most innovative and customizable workout solution.

REPACE can give runners more than what they expect. These are the features:

  • Lactate Threshold Test Can Improve Your Running

Lactate threshold(LT) is the max steady-state effort one can maintain without a high increase in blood lactate levels. This represents the runner’s ability to run steadily and for a long time since LT can also be used to personalize your running routine. Having the LT test includes drawing your blood and you should visit specific facilities for that, not to mention the cost of LT test is high. That is why even though the LT test has many benefits for fitness lovers, it is not popular.

REPACE, the revolutionary workout solution will enable you to check your lactate threshold(LT), without drawing your blood and forcing you to visit a lab. Just fasten it to your thigh and run. Applying the prestigious science of functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), enables the testing of the LT without the blood. What an innovative item!

  • Personalized Fitness Solutions

Based on the LT TEST, REPACE provides you with the workout instructions in 3 different types based on individual workout levels and purposes. The difference between REPACE and any other application that specializes in analyzing testing/running is that it provides a workout solution based on its previous record. In the future, it will be developed to support Cycling and Mountain Climbing Modes based on our backers’ feedback and internal system upgrades.

Plus, REPACE monitors users’ movements in real-time and helps them exercise according to the voice coaching guide. You will hear feedback from REPACE depending on your speed and running goals. It can be the best running mate you ever had.

REPACE also cheers you to endure the pain and boredom of long-running. It rewards the users with medals each time they workout. It has such a nice heart with a smart brain. 

You can also share your exercise results with your Facebook friend and show off your growth. 

Just like this, REPACE will help you through all the journeys of running. 

The Proven Science Behind the REPACE

REPACE measures the user’s muscle oxygen saturation levels through functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS). By tightening the device onto the user’s thighs it can calculate the oxygen saturation levels (SmO2) and calculation.

REPACE automatically calculates the adequate workout duration and intensity through its application. You just have to attach it at a certain spot on your thighs and check your fluctuating muscle oxygen saturation levels yourself.

Where Can I Find This?

You guys will be eager to try it. You can find This smartest workout solution has launched on Kickstarter, where most innovative products gather. Don’t miss out!